Managed Chaos


Vanity Metrics

Let’s stop this folks! There is no joy in collecting few metrics/measurements for the sake of it. Vanity metrics are worst bottlenecks to any system. Despite knowing that these metrics do not add ANY value, organisations insist on collecting them for it gives them a sense of control. One of the most abused and overused […]

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Field Trips to ‘experience’ Personas

One of the highlights of Agile India 2015 was the product owner workshop by Jeff Patton. Undoubtedly Jeff was exceptionally skilled and insightful. The session itself was interactive and fantabulous. There were many take aways and I particularly enjoyed the implications of the product requirements based on the user personas. Most of the transactions were […]

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The Pink Elephant

Anyone who has remotely worked in an IT company for a year, would know that most of our ‘generic’ process models are useless when applied to specific teams. Yet in reality¬†we all run pillar to post to find that ONE model, which will be a panacea for all our miseries. In our relentless pursuit for […]

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To Pair, or Not to Pair II

Several months ago, when Naresh shared his experience pairing with his team-members I could easily see why it is a great idea for a technical coach to sit with his team and coach them on various technical practices. However being a non-technical coach I don’t ‘sit’ with my team to do anything. Further I realised […]


Conference Season

Yet another conference season is around the block. Agile India has always been a conference I always look forward to. Especially because of my experience from my past. This conference has given me the right platform to learn and unlearn Agile along with my fellow Agilists. The eclectic mix of the participants have helped me […]

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Tidy Backlogs

I have this obsession to keep my house/desk clean and tidy. That way I am a wee-bit mad in my own way. Today I realized that this madness is indeed helping me sort out things while I work with my teams. Especially when it comes to product backlog management things are quite often messier than […]

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Knowing, Doing and Being Agile

Usually the ceremonies and other Agile jargons cling on to the team’s psyche sooner than we believe. The downfall is most teams get complacent once they converse the Agile language. Unfortunately they start to believe that they are ‘Agile’ teams. Certainly ‘knowing’ or ‘doing’ is not ‘being’ Agile. As an outcome boredom sets in the […]

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Celestial Cows and Product Owners

Today I happened to doodle a cow from Indian mythology- The Kamadhenu.¬†This celestial cow is supposed be the giver and will make all your wishes come true (Almost the mythical equivalent of Google!). Obviously Kamadhenu is revered and worshipped in most Hindu households in India. It occurred to me that while we speak of products, […]

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