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Field Trips to ‘experience’ Personas

One of the highlights of Agile India 2015 was the product owner workshop by Jeff Patton. Undoubtedly Jeff was exceptionally skilled and insightful. The session itself was interactive and fantabulous. There were many take aways and I particularly enjoyed the implications of the product requirements based on the user personas. Most of the transactions were bulls-eye and we could connect at mutiple levels.

user persona

Talking about user personas, I realise that field-trips are very essential while identifying these personas for the product. Few basic informations are not necessarily sufficient to define a clear persona for a product. I believe the experience of a field-trip would make the scrum team understand the requirements of the end user better. In many cases, it is usually the Business team who interacts with the end user through market surveys and interviews. The team members usually get second-hand information. Although it might seem like a practical solution from logistics perspective, in this current milieu it is not that difficult to involve the team members at this stage. I haven’t seen a team do this, but would love to hear from team members who are involved in this process.

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