Managed Chaos

Knowing, Doing and Being Agile

Usually the ceremonies and other Agile jargons cling on to the team’s psyche sooner than we believe. The downfall is most teams get complacent once they converse the Agile language. Unfortunately they start to believe that they are ‘Agile’ teams. Certainly ‘knowing’ or ‘doing’ is not ‘being’ Agile. As an outcome boredom sets in the team and they don’t see any benefit in ‘doing’ Agile anymore. Instead they look for other models/frameworks as a panacea for their illness.

Though all these terms might sound and feel different, in practice ‘being’ Agile has flavours of ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ Agile as well. The key here is just be consistent and strive to get better Agility every single day. One day before you realise the teams would reach sustainable Agility, It is a natural process and the teams will figure out ways to get better at what they are doing.

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