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Lean Be With You

One of the common concern from the management teams while hiring an Agile Coach is about the sustainability of the practices in the absence of a coach. As coaches we try our best to make ourselves redundant within the teams. However, it does take a considerable amount of time for the teams to be completely autonomous. All the aspects of self-organising team plays a major role in reaching such levels of autonomy. Depending on the amount of inter-dependency, this task becomes more and more daunting. Even if the team members attain a decent level of autonomy, there are chances that in the near future something might change within the team and the team members might go back to their old-comfort-zones. In my mind, an easy way-out is to ‘remind’ the team members to not yield to such (evil) intentions. As a practise, every time I finish a consulting engagement I always gift something to the team members. They are either a small memento or individual cards. This used to be my ‘reminder’ for the team in my absence.

When I met Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck at Agile India Conference and I saw them sign the following phrase in their book copies.

“Lean Be With You”.

I really loved the phrase and this is exactly what I wish for my teams.

Nothing less and nothing more!

I have also known that in every culture affirmations play a major role in shaping the beliefs of individuals within the community. Often these affirmations are shared orally or inscribed in areas/places which has high visibility. Also, it’s a common practise amongst the spiritual masters and guru’s to leave notes to the posterity. Keeping this in mind, these days I present these customised photo-frames as a farewell gift. It’s not only a lovely personal gift, it also serves as a reminder to the team to sustain their Agile/Lean practices.

"Lean Be With You" Photo Frame

Lean Be With You



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