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Let’s Call a Spade a Spade

My recent experience with a colleague made me wonder about the way how we communicate with people. Time and again I realize that communication is the key to any successful business venture. Especially a feedback is an important aspect for a business to grow and to be alive. Without feedback businesses become obsolete and non-useable. This is true with team communication as well. If there is a weakling it is important for the person in the team to know that they have to improve.However most team members, have tough time giving a negative feedback. Many times the reason is they don’t want their team member to get hurt.

Here are few simple points to remember while giving a negative feedback,

1. Make your feedback impersonal. This means always talk about the action and never about the person.

2. Use diplomatic and polite tone. Extra sweetness is not good either.

3. Try to give sandwich feedback, where you sandwich the negative feedback between two positives. However make sure you don’t dilute the importance of the feedback itself.

4. Make sure the person is willing to receive a feedback. Often this is a concern, because we tend to give feedback without understanding the other person’s need.

5. Be open to discussions. Actively listen to their views as well. Also be willing to accept their perspectives.

6. Be genuine and open about your feedback. Anything more/less would be a threat to your credibility.



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