Managed Chaos


Field Trips to ‘experience’ Personas

One of the highlights of Agile India 2015 was the product owner workshop by Jeff Patton. Undoubtedly Jeff was exceptionally skilled and insightful. The session itself was interactive and fantabulous. There were many take aways and I particularly enjoyed the implications of the product requirements based on the user personas. Most of the transactions were […]

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Tidy Backlogs

I have this obsession to keep my house/desk clean and tidy. That way I am a wee-bit mad in my own way. Today I realized that this madness is indeed helping me sort out things while I work with my teams. Especially when it comes to product backlog management things are quite often messier than […]

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Celestial Cows and Product Owners

Today I happened to doodle a cow from Indian mythology- The Kamadhenu.┬áThis celestial cow is supposed be the giver and will make all your wishes come true (Almost the mythical equivalent of Google!). Obviously Kamadhenu is revered and worshipped in most Hindu households in India. It occurred to me that while we speak of products, […]

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