Managed Chaos


Knowing, Doing and Being Agile

Usually the ceremonies and other Agile jargons cling on to the team’s psyche sooner than we believe. The downfall is most teams get complacent once they converse the Agile language. Unfortunately they start to believe that they are ‘Agile’ teams. Certainly ‘knowing’ or ‘doing’ is not ‘being’ Agile. As an outcome boredom sets in the […]

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Celestial Cows and Product Owners

Today I happened to doodle a cow from Indian mythology- The Kamadhenu.┬áThis celestial cow is supposed be the giver and will make all your wishes come true (Almost the mythical equivalent of Google!). Obviously Kamadhenu is revered and worshipped in most Hindu households in India. It occurred to me that while we speak of products, […]

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