Managed Chaos

The Pink Elephant

Anyone who has remotely worked in an IT company for a year, would know that most of our ‘generic’ process models are useless when applied to specific teams. Yet in reality¬†we all run pillar to post to find that ONE model, which will be a panacea for all our miseries. In our relentless pursuit for a model, which is non-existent, we trade our common sense and logic (Painful that is). Many times we ignore the huge gigantic elephant in our room and search for frameworks that would hide them from our sight. Unfortunately neither a model nor a Super-man can do this for us.

Despite being a knowledge industry which thrives on human behaviours we think people issues are least of our concerns. We conveniently ignore this pink elephant, which happily roams in our office corridors without being confronted. In few cases we do notice the elephant, acknowledge its presence, but don’t do anything about it. Disruptive change is not a norm. We all play safe and in the process fall prey for our emotions again. The amount of scientific explanations and models available for use is countless, however we tend to ignore them with no scientific curiosity, whatsoever.

In real life, when there is a problem/bottleneck we try and resolve it through conversations and open discussions. It doesn’t take a genius to know how open discussions resolve most issues that we face in our real life. In cases where we need long term solutions, we seek professional/expert help and use scientific tools to problem solve. However inside an organization we focus on team lunches, team outings, personality development trainings, star of month/quarter/year awards, team building exercises, 1-0-1 meetings, organization pyramids and online personality tests to let miracles happen in our organization. I certainly do not deny that these methods are useful and helpful in problem solving. But if they were solving the REAL problems, we would be delivering softwares that takes care of Arctic Avalanche (oh and yeah I am exaggerating). It’s not that they are useless, but they are not sufficient to tackle the core of the issue.¬†There is less/no scientific rigour and application to resolve the issues which is the very crux of our problem.

In short, every employee of any organization (small/ medium/ large) is dealing with a non-cooperative co-worker or a disinterested product manager or a dominant boss every single day, while we all are searching for frameworks that would fix our delivery/quality issues with gospel meetings and artefacts. Kid me not!

What happened to our Principle based approaches?

Pink Elephant

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