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Working Agreements with the Teams

Any kind requirement or goal clarity is still a mammoth like challenge for most individuals in the team. It’s more difficult in a coaching engagement, where the teams are expected to perform ‘well’ (subjective level 100) after a stint of few months. It’s true that our teams don’t know exactly what they seek. However the good news is everyone wants to deliver fast with zero defects. Thankfully we have a consensus on this!

Working agreements is a good way to resolve this problem and one of the most humane way to get this done is to externalise the expectations from the team.  Tools like group discussions, brain storming sessions, 1-0-1’s are helpful, but this is not sufficient. Such is the nature of our complex mind we need something more to unearth our expectations. One tool that acts as an anchor in this process is  ‘Contracts – Based on Transactional Analysis’.

There are 3 types of contracts:

  1. Administrative
  2. Role based
  3. Psychological

Often we define the first two types of contracts, where we clearly answer the  Why?, How?, Who? and What? questions. Sadly we miss on the third type of contract, which many times define the real success of the agreements. While we define these agreements it is important to understand, if the individuals involved are really OK with what they have committed. If the answer is a clear YES or NO, we are safe and we have something to work with. A passive aggressive approach is futile and will not take us anywhere. As coaches we must try and understand these individual behaviours and coach them accordingly. After all, one size do not fit all!

For more details about Contracts and Transactional Analysis click the following link,

I am OK You are OK from Karthik Balasubramaniam

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